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Five days in Prague 29 January 2009

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I’ve been staying with my friend Izzy, but she’s also had 3 other people staying in this tiny 2-room apartment. One of the girls, Katey Sleeveless, is a great musician, so she played a couple times while she was here. This morning she and her best bud Nikki hitchhiked to Dresden. Photos of this are all posted on Flickr!

So I haven’t done much sightseeing around Prague, but today we went to the old castle and walked around. Tomorrow we are planning on doing the Mucha Museum, and also I want to buy a couple things before I leave. I’ve already been to Wencenslas Square and I’ve seen the astronomical clock, which was pretty neat.

Izzy has a week off of school starting on 26 March, the day before my birthday. We decided we are going to go to Nice and then head west along the French coast. Anyone who will be around the Riviera at that time is welcome to join the festivities.


girl time with izzy 27 January 2009

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When I got to wordpress.com and see that they have published over 42,000,000 words just today it makes me reluctant to add any of my own.

I am in Prague now at Izzy’s house. I got here on Saturday at 5 AM after 15 hours on a bus. I’ve taken 2 baths since I got here, which is really super. The first day I was here I finally bought new pants (which were a little expensive and not as sturdy as jeans, but I love them) and Izzy gave me some grey eyeliner which I am very attached to, as something that makes me feel like a girl. The other night we brought home a Spanish man for a cup of coffee who didn’t speak any English, but was still able to tell me that I look like Velma from Scooby Doo. No one had told me that in about 2 years…

Of course I travel with an extra pair of glasses, but while trying to straighten them I snapped them in half. That pair was about 4 years old, so no big loss, but now I only have my teal frames, and if something happens to those then I’m screwed. So I think that I am going to go ahead and get new glasses in Prague, where I have a friend to advise me on the perfect frames. It’s going to cost about $200 I think, which is about the same as in the states, but that kinda sucks.

The other night I got a nice big steak wrapped in bacon and it cost about $10, which is quite the bargain. It was yummy, and I’m really enjoying the hearty Czech food. And fries everywhere! Possibly my favorite food besides mussels, and they usually come together anyway. Also I eat Kinder milk chocolate like it’s nobody’s business since Mare gave me one in France last week.

I’m having a great time hanging out with my friend, drinking coke and watching the Daily Show on iTunes. Also it’s legal to have pot here for “personal use,” which I didn’t know about. Yesterday we went for Thai massages, which lasted for 1 hour and cost about $40. I’m not worrying too much about my budget because I’m having a great time, and that’s more important to me. I’m not sure where to go next; I want to spend about 10-14 days around the Czech area before heading back to France. So that’s the news as I see it. Pictures to come soon.


Oh, also in France 18 January 2009

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Since tomorrow is Monday I’m going to cook redbeans and rice for the family I’m with and some neighbors. Also I’m going to make biscuits from scratch. The house is heated by a fireplace, so I’d really like to have s’mores for dessert! But I’m not sure I can find graham crackers.

More importantly: today I saw Walker Texas Ranger on TV. Dubbed. In French. Chuck Norris à francais?! What does this mean?! I also watched La Petite Maison en la Prarie, but that wasn’t nearly as disturbing.


This week in France

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Well, nothing happening. The other day I was working on the art nouveau project and the people here starting pulling me and telling me to come. I asked where and they said ‘à les vaches’ which means to the cows, and it turns out that’s not a figure of speach. We went to a dairy and got milk out of a cow, which was then made into a cake (of course it was delicious).

Also the other day we had liver for dinner. This was the first time I’d eaten it, and I have to say that I found it quite repulsive. I’ve eaten so many new and delicious meals since I’ve been gone that I probably wouldn’t have tried at home, but this was the first time I just couldn’t do it. I had some fried eggs instead. Fried eggs always remind me of Medora and Ryan, so I had to listen to their CD that night.

And last night we went to a discothéque. It was exactly how I imagined it would be (but I’d always assumed there was something else that wasn’t being explained to me that made those places appealing). Oh yes, it was French hell. If it had a light up floor like Snoopy in Flash Beagle, I would have been all over it. But the mist, strobe lights, and really loud dance music just wasn’t doing it for me. Add to that the most expensive, smallest sized, and absolute worst tasting whiskey I’ve ever had in my life (it was €8 four about 1/4 cup) and I was not impressed by the nightlife in the French countryside. Just not my scene. But Margaret Mead and Martha Ward would be proud. Oh, and I did not dance!

So next week (Tues or Wed) I am going to. My friend Izzy lives there and she is having a slumber party. Yes, I am going across Europe for a slumber party. I need some American girl time. I will return to France later, cause I AM having a good time. I just need a change right now.


in france 12 January 2009

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It’s hard to type on a french keyboard… Also, there is finally a Flickr update.


So I am in a village called Savins, 1 hr south of Paris. The couple who owns this house is french, but the lady speaks English and Japanese perfectly. There is also a Japanese girl here who loves to bake, so I am well supplied with gateaux, no one worry. This afternoon we fetched wood for the fire, which heats the whole house. I have my own little room in the attic. After hostels, the privacy is wonderful!


So what am I doing here? Well, I am helping put together an exhibit of art nouveau. Antoinette wants me to create an art nouveau tour of Paris for here. And I will help to sell stuff on ebay. How cultural, right? Really, I don’t know why I’m here; it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t figured it out at all. Any ideas anyone?


Museumdag 8 January 2009

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Well, I seem recently to have developed insomnia. But despite the meager rest I’m getting, I got stuff done today. Got up at 10, ate breakfast, and then headed out on my bike to make up for all the sighseeing I’ve skipped out on during the past week. The other day I bought a Museumjaarkaart, so I get into most museums in the Netherlands for free for the next year, and it only  E22.

First stop was Rembrandthuis, which was neat. I saw a demo on how etching works (which of course I already know quite well). It made me miss the printing studio. But the guy who did the demo was American, and I thought how cool that job would be. Hang out in a museum and print Rembrandt plates twice an hour. Super.

Next was FOAM, the photography museum. There were a few artists highlighted there, and it was very nice. Then I went to Liedesplein for lunch and a bit of wandering. After I went to the Huis Marseille on Kaizergracht. The photo exhibit there was about water. The first artist documented the dyke renovations going on in Holland. Then there were some very large scale C-prints of waves, and then canals in Tokyo. My favorite was an American artist who made 2×3″ closeups of the black Thames water and added about 40 footnotes to each print; they were musings and ramblings about the water, and how the dirty river isn’t really water.

After that I planned on going to Electric Ladyland, but I must have gotten the location wrong because I couldn’t find it. So now I’m waiting for my roommate (there are only 2 of us in the 16-bed room) to get back so we can go out together. Juli’s going to buy a loofa sponge tonight, because I am getting a little grody.


Fiets! 7 January 2009

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I bought a green collapsible bicycle last night! It’s very cute, and I’ve been waiting all day for my laundry to be finished so that I will have enough clothes to ride it around. I bought a lock and a bell for it today–not a hamburger like the bell on my blue bike, but it still rings. Hopefully pictures to come soon.

Had an awesome ride around the city after dark. But the traffic patterns in this city are terrifying when you’re on wheels. I just might die in the next 2 days before I leave, and it won’t be my fault.

Also this really creepy and totally drugged out guy followed me and a friend around for a while! He was harmless (too stoned to do anything and I was in front of the police station down the street from Bob’s), but still it freaked us out. All turned out OK. I was glad to be with someone else when that happened.