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Dispatch from the Netherlands 2 January 2009

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I stayed with a family in Haarlem for my first two nights. It was very nice and warm! Yesterday I took the train to Amsterdam (got off at the wrong stop first) and stayed at Bob’s Youth Hostel, right near Dam Square. It is €25 a night,  so tomorrow I am going to find a new couch or move to another hostel a few blocks away that is €15. My food budget is €10 a day, which is tight, and I am always hungry in the cold! It is so cold here! I tried to find another set of thermals today, but no luck. I keep getting sidetracked by people staying in the hostel. Today on my way out of a grocery I saw a girl I knew from UNO, so we got high together and it was nice. I saw the Van Gogh Museum, and if I can find somewhere free to sleep I can go to the Rijksmuseum. So I am enjoying myself here, despite the COLD and tight budget!


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  1. Lorraine Says:

    Juli!!! I have just gotten back from visiting my grandmother in georgia and brians mother in florida through the holidays. I didn’t bring my computer so this is the first I’ve read your mail. Also I don’t know if you tried to call me before you left, but I’m using a go-phone and it really sucks. no one can get in touch with me. I threw my phone at brian about a week and a half ago and lost all of my numbers. I really wanted to call you before you left but was on the road and had no numbers. I’m very happy for you. I know that you will find many adventures in your travels, and I look forward to hearing bits and pieces of them over the internet. thank you for being my roommate over these past two years. I have been thinking about the good times that we had lately and I want you to know that I miss you very much. Maybe we’ll find each other in Europe or Africa or out West sometime in the future. Best of Wishes for 2009. -Lorraine.

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