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Hostel things 3 January 2009

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I have never been in a confined room filled with so much pot smoke for so long! The lounge of my hostel allows smoking (but they don’t sell) and since there are people I’ve been meeting here and my bed is just upstairs I’ve been in the lounge for a few hours a day. But now my throat is itching and I keep sneezing, so I think it’s from all the fumes. I’m moving to a new hostel tonight, and I don’t think they allow smoking, so that should be OK (but it’s right across from the Bulldog, one of the popular coffeeshops for tourists).

I went to a flea market at Waterlooplein yesterday, which was fun. I got me a new knife. I need to clean it, but then I’ll be able to make sandwiches, cut up baddies, and open wine bottles.

I have to go check out of my bed now. What I’ve learned about hostels: 1) earplugs are a must 2) take the blankets and pillows off empty beds because otherwise it’s too cold to sleep! 3) hot water may come from the blue tap and it may take 10 minutes, but it’s worth it and feels SOOO good!

Oh, also, my mom got my diploma (!) and said I got magna cum laude. I had to look it up on wiki, and it means “with great praise”


5 Responses to “Hostel things”

  1. al Says:

    Congratulations on graduating with high honors (magna cum laude). When can we see a photo or two? What do you consider to be the best thing you have seen to date? Keep having fun……

  2. Julianne Dodds Says:

    Well, every computer I have used so far does not allow me to plug in my memory card! So no photos until I find one that will. It would probably have to be someone’s laptop…

    As for coolest things… Well, today I was walking around Prinsengracht from a farmer’s market (where I bough a WARM turtleneck sweater for $5) and I passed an old man doing a little dance while playing some instrument that was a cross between a street organ and an accordian, and he blew me a kiss. I gave him a few coins that were the change from a roll I bought at the market from the baker. I got a photo of him that I just can’t wait to upload. So that was pretty great.

  3. bdodds Says:

    My Love. Glad for your post. Glad you are finding some warm clothes. Temperatures unlike anything you experienced in NO. We have total faith you will make good adjustments and decissions.

    Love you. Grandma & Grandad

  4. mom Says:

    Glad you are warm at last. Eat right, stay healthy, have fun, be safe. It is better to go over budget a little and have fun vs staying totally in budget and not do anything. That’s the point of being there after all. Just keep taking pictures and you’ll be able to upload them sooner or later. Do you still think that you’ll be in Amsterdam for 2 weeks? Is there that much to do/see? Glad you are keeping in touch. Love you.

  5. Brian Says:

    Glad things are going well and you got a chance to go see Van gogh. It is very interesting to see the progression of his life through his paintings. I have a little thing to help you out with your budget. Wes just told me yesterday he thinks he lost your paycheck. I gave it to him on sun dec. 20 when I was in Louisiana to deposit because where I was going there was not a capitol 1. It will be depostited within a couple of days and the amount is 1000.00. I am very sorry about it being so late and I hope you have access to this and it helps out with the budget. Julia I am so, so, sorry I just found out about this yesterday.

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