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Mooching 6 January 2009

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Ooh, I am getting the hang of this ultra-budget travel thing. I bargained a bed in a hostel down to E15 (they were asking 20), then went back to my old hostel for the free breakfast (I am staying there again tonight, but they don’t realize I haven’t slept here in 3 days, just eat the breakfasts and sit in the lounge, yo), and then last night I slept at an awesome place I found on couch surfing. So then today I am finally getting a museum pass, and maybe even do some laundry. I’ve been wearing a flea-market sweater for days without washing it first and I feel grungy. Also, I am trying to find a super-discount bike, which I will then take on the train with me when I leave. I am leaving Ams on 10 Jan, spending 1 day in Brussels, and then heading to a farm south of Paris to spend a few weeks. So it’s cold but I’m meeting some pretty awesome people and not at all starving.


One Response to “Mooching”

  1. mom Says:

    Glad you are eating. Hope you get laundry done. Keep safe! Hopefully you’ll be warmer as you go south.

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