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Fiets! 7 January 2009

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I bought a green collapsible bicycle last night! It’s very cute, and I’ve been waiting all day for my laundry to be finished so that I will have enough clothes to ride it around. I bought a lock and a bell for it today–not a hamburger like the bell on my blue bike, but it still rings. Hopefully pictures to come soon.

Had an awesome ride around the city after dark. But the traffic patterns in this city are terrifying when you’re on wheels. I just might die in the next 2 days before I leave, and it won’t be my fault.

Also this really creepy and totally drugged out guy followed me and a friend around for a while! He was harmless (too stoned to do anything and I was in front of the police station down the street from Bob’s), but still it freaked us out. All turned out OK. I was glad to be with someone else when that happened.


2 Responses to “Fiets!”

  1. mom Says:

    So..what exactly does collapsible mean in terms of a bike? What farm are you going to in France? Lambing? It sounds like you are getting the hang of things over there. Has the russian cut-off of heating gas affected you at all? Once you are away from the north sea you should be warmer, but how will you carry your extra belongings? Be safe. Love, mom

  2. Julianne Dodds Says:

    What Russian gas cut-off? I have no idea what’s going on, just what is directly effecting me, which I love. Total self-absorption.

    Collapsible means that the frame breaks down into 2 pieces, so it can be stored and carried up/down stairs easily. Last night it was at the foot of my bed, but now I have a lock so it’s outside with the other bicycles. I need to get a basket for it!

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