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Museumdag 8 January 2009

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Well, I seem recently to have developed insomnia. But despite the meager rest I’m getting, I got stuff done today. Got up at 10, ate breakfast, and then headed out on my bike to make up for all the sighseeing I’ve skipped out on during the past week. The other day I bought a Museumjaarkaart, so I get into most museums in the Netherlands for free for the next year, and it only  E22.

First stop was Rembrandthuis, which was neat. I saw a demo on how etching works (which of course I already know quite well). It made me miss the printing studio. But the guy who did the demo was American, and I thought how cool that job would be. Hang out in a museum and print Rembrandt plates twice an hour. Super.

Next was FOAM, the photography museum. There were a few artists highlighted there, and it was very nice. Then I went to Liedesplein for lunch and a bit of wandering. After I went to the Huis Marseille on Kaizergracht. The photo exhibit there was about water. The first artist documented the dyke renovations going on in Holland. Then there were some very large scale C-prints of waves, and then canals in Tokyo. My favorite was an American artist who made 2×3″ closeups of the black Thames water and added about 40 footnotes to each print; they were musings and ramblings about the water, and how the dirty river isn’t really water.

After that I planned on going to Electric Ladyland, but I must have gotten the location wrong because I couldn’t find it. So now I’m waiting for my roommate (there are only 2 of us in the 16-bed room) to get back so we can go out together. Juli’s going to buy a loofa sponge tonight, because I am getting a little grody.


4 Responses to “Museumdag”

  1. mom Says:

    Russia decided to stop pumping natural gas through their pipelines which supply most of Eastern Europe with gas for heat. They said the Ukraine (through which the pipes run) was stealing some gas so NONE would be pumped. Europe will not have heat. The domino effect is that some heating gas in France and other countries will be deverted to eastward so they don’t suffer terribly, but everyone will be somewhat cold.
    Glad to hear you are seeing museums now. What have you been doing heretofor? Got your laundry done? The American guy doing etching demos…was he speaking English? What is Electric Ladyland? I conjer battery operated toys…..

  2. al Says:

    Did you make it to Anne Frank Huis yet? Kylie and I enjoyed that, if enjoy is the mot juste. Where do you think you’ll be in early June? Looks like we are heading to Paris…Love you lots, sweetie. Keep having fun.

  3. Robin Says:

    Love you Jules-Did you know my ancestor Joseph Pennell was a famous etcher in the turn of the century in Philly?
    Stay warm, lady.

  4. Julianne Dodds Says:

    Well no, I didnt go to Anne Frank. I had wanted to, but it did not fit in with my schedule… I guess I will return to Paris in June then.

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