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Oh, also in France 18 January 2009

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Since tomorrow is Monday I’m going to cook redbeans and rice for the family I’m with and some neighbors. Also I’m going to make biscuits from scratch. The house is heated by a fireplace, so I’d really like to have s’mores for dessert! But I’m not sure I can find graham crackers.

More importantly: today I saw Walker Texas Ranger on TV. Dubbed. In French. Chuck Norris à francais?! What does this mean?! I also watched La Petite Maison en la Prarie, but that wasn’t nearly as disturbing.


3 Responses to “Oh, also in France”

  1. mom Says:

    Laura Ingalls speaks French???? Who’da thunk? Let me know how the biscuits turn out. Chuck Norris,lolololo

  2. mom Says:

    There is a reason, my sweet, that you never had liver growing up. I HATE IT. My mother cooked it until it was like shoe leather and I vowed never to do that to ya’ll. Organs are for a church loft, not a plate. How about some pics of host family and house.

  3. John Preble Says:

    When did you go to France, I thought you were in Europe.

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