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This week in France 18 January 2009

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Well, nothing happening. The other day I was working on the art nouveau project and the people here starting pulling me and telling me to come. I asked where and they said ‘à les vaches’ which means to the cows, and it turns out that’s not a figure of speach. We went to a dairy and got milk out of a cow, which was then made into a cake (of course it was delicious).

Also the other day we had liver for dinner. This was the first time I’d eaten it, and I have to say that I found it quite repulsive. I’ve eaten so many new and delicious meals since I’ve been gone that I probably wouldn’t have tried at home, but this was the first time I just couldn’t do it. I had some fried eggs instead. Fried eggs always remind me of Medora and Ryan, so I had to listen to their CD that night.

And last night we went to a discothéque. It was exactly how I imagined it would be (but I’d always assumed there was something else that wasn’t being explained to me that made those places appealing). Oh yes, it was French hell. If it had a light up floor like Snoopy in Flash Beagle, I would have been all over it. But the mist, strobe lights, and really loud dance music just wasn’t doing it for me. Add to that the most expensive, smallest sized, and absolute worst tasting whiskey I’ve ever had in my life (it was €8 four about 1/4 cup) and I was not impressed by the nightlife in the French countryside. Just not my scene. But Margaret Mead and Martha Ward would be proud. Oh, and I did not dance!

So next week (Tues or Wed) I am going to. My friend Izzy lives there and she is having a slumber party. Yes, I am going across Europe for a slumber party. I need some American girl time. I will return to France later, cause I AM having a good time. I just need a change right now.


2 Responses to “This week in France”

  1. mom Says:

    Flash Beagle lives, but not in France. I think the Red Baron is in residence. Did you milk the cow by hand or with machinery? ‘Prague’ was left off the blog posting.

  2. bdodds Says:

    Tell Izzy “Hi”. My two years in France I had my reunion group to depend on for American girl time. So glad you are getting a full experience.


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