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girl time with izzy 27 January 2009

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When I got to wordpress.com and see that they have published over 42,000,000 words just today it makes me reluctant to add any of my own.

I am in Prague now at Izzy’s house. I got here on Saturday at 5 AM after 15 hours on a bus. I’ve taken 2 baths since I got here, which is really super. The first day I was here I finally bought new pants (which were a little expensive and not as sturdy as jeans, but I love them) and Izzy gave me some grey eyeliner which I am very attached to, as something that makes me feel like a girl. The other night we brought home a Spanish man for a cup of coffee who didn’t speak any English, but was still able to tell me that I look like Velma from Scooby Doo. No one had told me that in about 2 years…

Of course I travel with an extra pair of glasses, but while trying to straighten them I snapped them in half. That pair was about 4 years old, so no big loss, but now I only have my teal frames, and if something happens to those then I’m screwed. So I think that I am going to go ahead and get new glasses in Prague, where I have a friend to advise me on the perfect frames. It’s going to cost about $200 I think, which is about the same as in the states, but that kinda sucks.

The other night I got a nice big steak wrapped in bacon and it cost about $10, which is quite the bargain. It was yummy, and I’m really enjoying the hearty Czech food. And fries everywhere! Possibly my favorite food besides mussels, and they usually come together anyway. Also I eat Kinder milk chocolate like it’s nobody’s business since Mare gave me one in France last week.

I’m having a great time hanging out with my friend, drinking coke and watching the Daily Show on iTunes. Also it’s legal to have pot here for “personal use,” which I didn’t know about. Yesterday we went for Thai massages, which lasted for 1 hour and cost about $40. I’m not worrying too much about my budget because I’m having a great time, and that’s more important to me. I’m not sure where to go next; I want to spend about 10-14 days around the Czech area before heading back to France. So that’s the news as I see it. Pictures to come soon.


3 Responses to “girl time with izzy”

  1. Rusty Says:


    I want some now. It’s technically illegal in the states, or at least to sell since it has small parts inside of the egg and no warning. I got some via Amazon and had it shipped in from Canada.

    I’m hooked. Now I have an envie for it. Thanks, Julie.


  2. bdodds Says:

    Ya vold, der chocolat is zer goot.

    Had cataract surgery on my left eye yesterday. Was a walk in the park and I can now see TV without my glasses. There will be some variations in vision for the next few days, but all went very well. Right eye will be done on 2/18.

    Christine got a car last night. Is she excited?

    Best to Izzy.


  3. Julianne Dodds Says:

    Wow, I bet Christine is really excited to get to run errands for her mom. A taste of independence!

    Glad your surgery was OK. I am wearing contacts for the first time in a year and so I’m excited about seeing things also. I think I am going to get contacts here instead of new glasses because it would be much cheaper.

    Izzy says hi too!

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