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Český Krumlov bedtime stories 1 February 2009

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When I arrived in Prague, Izzy told me I could basically ride the trams for free, because there was rarely anyone to check for tickets. Super. About 4 days into my visit we were riding the tram when Izzy suddenly pulled me off at a stop because a ticket checker had just got on. Well, no problem. Later that night, as I and some friends were waiting for a tram, we noticed two suspicious looking guys staring at us. We were pretty sure they were ticket takers (and we were not going to pay the 18 Kc for a ticket) so we walked. Next day, Izzy and I got caught without tickets. The guy followed me off the tram when I told him I didn’t have any money, but he wound up taking 18 crowns instead of the 700 fine he tried to shove in my face. Izzy has a pass card that she uses, but she doesn’t put any money on it. When it gets scanned and read as empty, she says her work is supposed to pay it and she gets off. The next day we got caught again! I spotted this guy as soon as he got on, but it was too late for me to get off. I fumbled around and Izzy distracted him with her card until the next stop when I slipped off, but he wouldn’t let her go, so I just followed the tracks until I found her again. They are cracking down on the trams in Prague! So now I am actually buying tickets, but I feel lame.

Well, after our tram adventure, we got back to Izzy’s apartment to find her dog Buddy acting very strange. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw an open tupperware on the floor. A tupperware I had brought from Amsterdam. A tupperware that had been filled with space cake. It was then that I noticed the brownie vomit all over the floor, and I realized why the dog was swayed just as he started pissing all over the apartment. That dog had just eaten a lot of space cake. A LOT. I weigh about 3x as much as Buddy, and I was pretty freaked out after eating just 1. The dog ate 3. He couldn’t stand up straight or keep still. He had thrown up all over the place, and he wasn’t done.

So. $25 of brownies. Gone. I had been saving them for a special occasion. Gone. They were wrapped in Saran, in a tupperware, in a plastic bag, but the dog got through all of that and ATE MY SPECIAL BROWNIES. Of course I felt really bad that my stuff had made the dog sick, and I’m really glad that he’s totally fine now, but there were regular brownies sitting out on the table. But no, Buddy wanted a trip. And he sure got one. So not only did I not get to eat my very expensive, very potent brownies, but no one got to enjoy them! At the end of the night, there was one really freaked out dog and lots of vomit and piss. Bummer.

Now however, that is behind me, and I am in Český Krumlov. Talk about gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of Helen, GA, which is scary because this is the real thing. There’s a castle, a big church, the winding Vltava River, and tiny stores on the cobblestone streets. I am the only guest of the Merlin Hostel, and the bed I picked for myself is right against the heater and under the window, so I get to look out and watch this little fairytale town that is glittering with powdery snow and listen to the churchbells. It really is spectacular, and for $12 a night! But actually, I am going back to Prague tomorrow afternoon. I just wanted to give Izzy and her boyfriend Czech Robert (think real hard before you ask why I call him that) some space in that tiny apartment before I settle down for another 4 or 5 days of sleeping in their kitchen and potentially poisoning their dog.

Also I should say to make my parents feel better that pot for personal use is legal in Czech Republic (and I think feeding it to dogs counts as personal use). No laws broken!


9 Responses to “Český Krumlov bedtime stories”

  1. John Says:

    I bet if you ate the dog vomit you would get really high. But don’t do that – because I want you to remember about getting me that nice gift.

  2. Catha Says:

    Hey Juli, sounds like you’re having quite the adventure! Have fun and be careful out there. We love you!

  3. bdodds Says:

    Discretion is the better part of valor. Don’t try to be too fugal.


  4. bdodds Says:

    I am impressed. When I leave you a message it auto converts to your time on the comment log.

    Maybe the rest of you know this but I am a grandmother and barely computer literate.

    Love you.

  5. yo julie! thanks for posting the photos! i saved them all. : )
    i’m so sorry to hear about buddy… i have to admit i laughed like crazy, but the idea of the poor guy puking all over the apartment is really sad!!
    say hi to izzy & robert for me…
    i/we are headed to holland tomorrow. nikki is under the weather and might not make the trip, but i am forging ahead, hitchhiking alone in a country where i don’t know the language… woo!
    send me that video if you get a chance! (if it’s too big to send, maybe you could upload it on youtube?)
    enjoy your travels. hope our paths cross soon.

  6. p.s. nikki and i got ticket busted the other day, too! piss! i wrote about it on


    … booo ticket checkers

  7. al Says:

    My dear, beautiful, and wonderful daughter: I miss you greatly and am glad you are having fun. I admire your courage and joie de vivre. You GO girl.

    Just remember the wisdom from “Spinal Tap”: It’s such a fine line bewtween stupid and clever”.

  8. kylie Says:

    hi julibuli-
    wow! sounds like you are having the adventures you desire…. and that makes me happy. look out for yourself please 🙂

  9. mom Says:

    I hope years from now when you think of Prague more than dog vomit comes to mind. But what a funny story!

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