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The humid air of Marseille feels like home 5 April 2009

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So Izzy just left for Milan after 4 days together in sometimes sunny Marseille. I’m on my own again. But it’s getting warm, and I even left my coat from Cesky Krumlov at the train station when I dropped her off. It’s strange how sad it is to leave something like that behind…

Well, I’m finally getting back into backpacking. After spending the last 7 weeks in France, tomorrow I’m starting a whirlwind 10 city tour before meeting my dad in Paris at the end of May. This is where my railpass comes in handy. First off is Barcelona, which should be lovely. I’ll be in Italy for the middle of April, and then Greece! Then follows Dubrovnik, Zagreb, maybe Ljubljana, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and finally Munich. I don’t know how I’m going to handle it, but I am excited. Also getting tired and ready to go home, but then I remember that I don’t have a home anymore. So I guess I’m ready to make a home again.

Yesterday we went to the Callanques on the Mediterranean. Easily the most beautiful land I’ve seen in Europe. The walk took 1.5 hours through rocky mountains covered with wild rosemary. When we finally arrived at the rocky beach (where I ate a blood orange I found on the way) I was so excited to get into that turqoise water, and even though it was so cold my legs were numb it made sunning on the rocks that much better.

The day before we walked around the Vieux Port of Marseille and sat outside a restaurant and ate big pots of mussels. The city is strange, and I can’t help but be uncomfortable walking through some of the ethnic neighborhoods where there are only men on the streets. But still, I like this place and would come back, at least for the beach.

On the way here from Jason’s house I lost my wallet in Limoges, so I’m dealing with that headache. My new wallet is on a rope tied to my pants, but really I need a chain. At least I had another credit card and some cash stored somewhere else, so I’m not stranded. Also having parents looking out for me makes a huge difference!


5 Responses to “The humid air of Marseille feels like home”

  1. mom Says:

    Western Union to the rescue on the big yellow horse! Be careful in Spain. Girls do not usually travel alone.

  2. Robin Says:

    I just saw Vicki Christina barcelona, and want to go to Barcelona REAL bad-I have a friend there. Robin Halter-Kahn-am sending her email to your gmail…

  3. katey Says:

    I am not sure that worked… anyway your image came up as the cover shot for this video I made. : )

  4. katey Says:

    None o’ those worked… but here is the link, hope you can check it out sometime. 🙂

  5. Julianne Dodds Says:

    Great song, and thanks for keeping my updated. I forgot to get your music from Izzy before I left Prague, but I will be back there in a few weeks so I will update my iPod then. I’ve never been a cover shot before…

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