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The thing about plans is that they never last 15 April 2009

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So according to the detailed plan I made 2 weeks ago in Marseille, I should be heading to Florence right now. But no, I´m back in Barcelona and I´m staying in Toulouse tonight, and back in Le Vignaud tomorrow.

Spain is strange. All the touristy places play the same bad American music from 10 years ago. I have heard the Cher song ¨do you believe in life after love?¨so many times in the past 2 weeks that it´s disgusting.

I really stocked up on books at some used English book shops I found in Madrid. It´s great to have the books, but they are so heavy! I can´t believe how much stuff I keep accumulating and carrying.

I think I´m going to go back to Amsterdam for Queen´s Day on 30 April. It will be an interesting and exciting experience, I´m sure. Last night in a bar I met a guy from Louisiana, who also had not been home since he was 21 (but he is 35 now so it´s a little different for him). It was great to have some bayou talk in rainy Madrid. I didn´t sleep at all last night, except for 1 hour on the Madrid-Barcelona train this morning, so my brain is totally fried. I brushed my teeth in a Burger King. It´s one of those days.

Oh, also you will all be glad to know that my wallet is now securely fastened to my pants by chain. And I finally have my ATM and credit card back!


5 Responses to “The thing about plans is that they never last”

  1. Al Says:

    Amsterdam should be fabulous in 2 weeks. You are certainly becoming quite the traveler!

  2. bdodds Says:

    Glad you are flexible and still enjoying your adventure. Catha and Christine were in Russelville on their way to Ft. Worth, TX for spring break. Had a great visit. We had dinner with C & C tonight.

    So why back to Le Vignaud and not on to Greece now? Can see myself becoming pasionately involved with the restoration, but my hope for you is to get a feel for all of Europe. I did not have an opportunity to see Greece and hope you don’t miss it.

    Love you my dear,


  3. al Says:

    LOVE the Ipod cases! Sure do miss you sweetie. See you in about 6 weeks!

  4. Ethan T. Stanley Says:

    Hi Julianne,
    Thank you for your nice letter. Sounds like you are having a ball in Europe. It was really fun hearing from you and I’m so glad you saw Manet’s Olympia. Of course, being a typical male, I don’t remember giving you the book.

    I’m much too boring for a blog, but please keep in touch on my email at stanley@fuse.net. Who wants to hear about the life of a stockbroker? El Snoozearoo. Give my best to your Mom, Dad, and siblings. Have fun and thanks again. Ethan (the 38-year old).

  5. Ethan T. Stanley Says:

    Also, I have no idea what Manet’s Olympia looks like. I’ll google it now. Talk soon.

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