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Put your backpack on your shoulder 3 June 2009

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One of my favorite souvenirs from traveling is my toiletries bag. The bag itself is stupid, but the contents remind me of so much. There’s the toothpaste I bought in Madrid, my Polish shampoo, the Slovenian mouthwash, the Hungarian dental floss, Austrian lotion, the French sunscreen. My wardrobe has also been collected from around Europe, but all those bottles in foreign languages really make me realize how far I’ve gone.


I was in Interlaken, Switzerland about a week ago, talking to some girls in the hostel. One of them said they’d been to Slovenia, and when I asked where she said the capitol city but she couldn’t pronounce the name. I was somewhat disgusted that she had spent 3 days in Ljulbljana and couldn’t even say the name. Way to make an effort to experience the culture. Well, the other girl told her it’s “lube-lee-on-yah.” I rolled my eyes but kept silent, until she elaborated that “J” is pronounced as a “Y” in German. German?! It was hard for me not to shout when I informed her that the 2 million inhabitants of that country speak Slovenian. It doesn’t much surprise me that these two modern day Margaret Meads were both American. If anyone ever wonders why Americans sometimes have bad reputations as ethnocentric ignorant travelers and citizens of the world, I feel like I have found a clue.


Americans really are invading Europe… MY Europe! I earned Europe. There were large portions of my time here that were not fun at all. They were cold, dark, and lonely. They were tight budgets and bad food. They were showing up in a new city at night and not knowing where I was going to sleep. But it was never a problem, because the hostels were almost never full. But now, I have to make reservations for weeks in advance! I don’t like knowing where I’m going to be in three weeks. I am not a tourist, I am a traveler, and there is an important distinction.


5 Responses to “Put your backpack on your shoulder”

  1. mom Says:

    And she travels on.

  2. jessicaorm Says:

    I hear some western cowboy music somewhere…. is there a strong loan ranger riding into a sunset somewhere?

  3. Julianne Dodds Says:

    Here’s hoping

  4. bdodds Says:

    My Love,

    Thanks for the hard copy of the picture and the nice letters. Has taken me a month to catch up from my 12 day vacation. Had a great time and can never thank Aunt Joy for making it possible.

    I totally understand the voice you can hear anywhere that makes you think of Uncle Jerry. I’ve had that experience.

    Received I confusing email from Jason. Don’t know quite what to think of it, but am sure it will become clear eventually.

    Know you had a great time in Paris with your Dad and Kylie.

    Kelly graduates on June 16th.

    Hate posting family stuff on your blog but never sure when you can get email.

    Love you my dear.


  5. Al Says:

    My darling, you have been brave, tolerant of ambiguity, and independent: and these are not universal traits. You are gaining the wisdom and perspective that we all hoped your travels would lead you to.

    Maybe take it easy on the “tourists”? A lot of them don’t have the luxury of time to really travel due to work/family demands. And some are jerks. Remember our Karma discussion?

    I’m so proud of you. Did you hear back from Alice?

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