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Bowling in Barcelona 8 April 2009

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So I’m in Barcelona and I’ve been staying with an American girl I met in Amsterdam way back in January. It’s been rainy the past 2 days, so there hasn’t been much going on. Yesterday we went to the Western Union by the Sagrada Familia because I lost my ATM card and needed some cash to hold me over till my new card is delivered in Madrid (thanks Mom!). Then we met her Turkish and Frenchie friends for lunch and then we all went bowling. I was throwing rocks, and all those times I’ve seen The Big Lebowski definitely paid off. Also at one point I knocked down 8 pins, and the computer system definitely marked it 8. Basically I was babbling Lebowski and no one understood. Where’s my dad, Jason, and Clint when I really need them most?!

Mark it 8!

Also, we were watching Catalan TV and guess who popped up. Walker, Texas Ranger! Oh I just knew I would see Chuck Norris again in Europe, that’s why I made a post tag for him.

So for today, maybe Gaudi’s hill. I’m probably going to a hostel tonight, and on Friday I am heading to Madrid. Then it’s Italy, Greece, Croatia, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and Munich, so if anyone knows anyone in those countries who might want to have an American sleeping on their couch you should definitely let me know.


Oh, also in France 18 January 2009

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Since tomorrow is Monday I’m going to cook redbeans and rice for the family I’m with and some neighbors. Also I’m going to make biscuits from scratch. The house is heated by a fireplace, so I’d really like to have s’mores for dessert! But I’m not sure I can find graham crackers.

More importantly: today I saw Walker Texas Ranger on TV. Dubbed. In French. Chuck Norris à francais?! What does this mean?! I also watched La Petite Maison en la Prarie, but that wasn’t nearly as disturbing.