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The thing about plans is that they never last 15 April 2009

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So according to the detailed plan I made 2 weeks ago in Marseille, I should be heading to Florence right now. But no, I´m back in Barcelona and I´m staying in Toulouse tonight, and back in Le Vignaud tomorrow.

Spain is strange. All the touristy places play the same bad American music from 10 years ago. I have heard the Cher song ¨do you believe in life after love?¨so many times in the past 2 weeks that it´s disgusting.

I really stocked up on books at some used English book shops I found in Madrid. It´s great to have the books, but they are so heavy! I can´t believe how much stuff I keep accumulating and carrying.

I think I´m going to go back to Amsterdam for Queen´s Day on 30 April. It will be an interesting and exciting experience, I´m sure. Last night in a bar I met a guy from Louisiana, who also had not been home since he was 21 (but he is 35 now so it´s a little different for him). It was great to have some bayou talk in rainy Madrid. I didn´t sleep at all last night, except for 1 hour on the Madrid-Barcelona train this morning, so my brain is totally fried. I brushed my teeth in a Burger King. It´s one of those days.

Oh, also you will all be glad to know that my wallet is now securely fastened to my pants by chain. And I finally have my ATM and credit card back!


Madrididado 10 April 2009

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Photos from the Austrian roadtrip can be seen on Jason´s site here! Also see this and this.

I´m in Madrid now. Ooohhh, not much I feel like saying right now. I went to see The Reader at a theater around the corner, which reminds me of when Izzy and I went to see Benjamin Button in Prague, and I got to see New Orleans streetcars again! Well I really just don´t feel like blogging right now, but I am uploading some photos so just look.


Bowling in Barcelona 8 April 2009

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So I’m in Barcelona and I’ve been staying with an American girl I met in Amsterdam way back in January. It’s been rainy the past 2 days, so there hasn’t been much going on. Yesterday we went to the Western Union by the Sagrada Familia because I lost my ATM card and needed some cash to hold me over till my new card is delivered in Madrid (thanks Mom!). Then we met her Turkish and Frenchie friends for lunch and then we all went bowling. I was throwing rocks, and all those times I’ve seen The Big Lebowski definitely paid off. Also at one point I knocked down 8 pins, and the computer system definitely marked it 8. Basically I was babbling Lebowski and no one understood. Where’s my dad, Jason, and Clint when I really need them most?!

Mark it 8!

Also, we were watching Catalan TV and guess who popped up. Walker, Texas Ranger! Oh I just knew I would see Chuck Norris again in Europe, that’s why I made a post tag for him.

So for today, maybe Gaudi’s hill. I’m probably going to a hostel tonight, and on Friday I am heading to Madrid. Then it’s Italy, Greece, Croatia, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and Munich, so if anyone knows anyone in those countries who might want to have an American sleeping on their couch you should definitely let me know.