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Polska Kielbasa is my favorite sausage. 5 May 2009

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Last night, on somewhat short notice, I got on the night train from Prague to Krakow. Just like when I went to Germany, I was able to have a compartment all to myself. I was really excited about finally heading east, into the unknown, and as the train pulled out of the station I closed th hall curtains, opened my window, and cranked up the iPod. Creedenc, the Allman Brothers, and Neil Young was a perfect combination, perfect for the landscape, and the moon was bright, and I sang out the open window to the passing Czech towns.

My hostel in Krakow is another gem! Also super cheap–40 zloty is less that $13 a night! It is right on the Kosciol Mariacki, which is the largest medieval square in Europe. Also in the square is the Cloth Hall, which is filled with stalls selling tacky Polish suvenirs, and of course I love that. I walked around the Jewish Quarter this afternoon, or what used to be the Jewish Quarter. There aren’t any more Jews in that ghetto, or really anywhere else in Poland. I just read Maus, and in a couple days I’m going to go over to Auschwitz, so it’s going to be pretty heavy. Until then, my knee still hurts and I’m thinking about getting a massage, because I need to walk! Also, I am terribly frustrated by the lack of suitable underwear in this city–I need new drawers!

So I’m just relaxing for a bit, then I will head to the restaurant downstairs for some dumplings and to taste some Polish flavored vodka. Oh yeah, it’s going to be a long night.


The thing about plans is that they never last 15 April 2009

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So according to the detailed plan I made 2 weeks ago in Marseille, I should be heading to Florence right now. But no, I´m back in Barcelona and I´m staying in Toulouse tonight, and back in Le Vignaud tomorrow.

Spain is strange. All the touristy places play the same bad American music from 10 years ago. I have heard the Cher song ¨do you believe in life after love?¨so many times in the past 2 weeks that it´s disgusting.

I really stocked up on books at some used English book shops I found in Madrid. It´s great to have the books, but they are so heavy! I can´t believe how much stuff I keep accumulating and carrying.

I think I´m going to go back to Amsterdam for Queen´s Day on 30 April. It will be an interesting and exciting experience, I´m sure. Last night in a bar I met a guy from Louisiana, who also had not been home since he was 21 (but he is 35 now so it´s a little different for him). It was great to have some bayou talk in rainy Madrid. I didn´t sleep at all last night, except for 1 hour on the Madrid-Barcelona train this morning, so my brain is totally fried. I brushed my teeth in a Burger King. It´s one of those days.

Oh, also you will all be glad to know that my wallet is now securely fastened to my pants by chain. And I finally have my ATM and credit card back!


Český Krumlov bedtime stories 1 February 2009

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When I arrived in Prague, Izzy told me I could basically ride the trams for free, because there was rarely anyone to check for tickets. Super. About 4 days into my visit we were riding the tram when Izzy suddenly pulled me off at a stop because a ticket checker had just got on. Well, no problem. Later that night, as I and some friends were waiting for a tram, we noticed two suspicious looking guys staring at us. We were pretty sure they were ticket takers (and we were not going to pay the 18 Kc for a ticket) so we walked. Next day, Izzy and I got caught without tickets. The guy followed me off the tram when I told him I didn’t have any money, but he wound up taking 18 crowns instead of the 700 fine he tried to shove in my face. Izzy has a pass card that she uses, but she doesn’t put any money on it. When it gets scanned and read as empty, she says her work is supposed to pay it and she gets off. The next day we got caught again! I spotted this guy as soon as he got on, but it was too late for me to get off. I fumbled around and Izzy distracted him with her card until the next stop when I slipped off, but he wouldn’t let her go, so I just followed the tracks until I found her again. They are cracking down on the trams in Prague! So now I am actually buying tickets, but I feel lame.

Well, after our tram adventure, we got back to Izzy’s apartment to find her dog Buddy acting very strange. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw an open tupperware on the floor. A tupperware I had brought from Amsterdam. A tupperware that had been filled with space cake. It was then that I noticed the brownie vomit all over the floor, and I realized why the dog was swayed just as he started pissing all over the apartment. That dog had just eaten a lot of space cake. A LOT. I weigh about 3x as much as Buddy, and I was pretty freaked out after eating just 1. The dog ate 3. He couldn’t stand up straight or keep still. He had thrown up all over the place, and he wasn’t done.

So. $25 of brownies. Gone. I had been saving them for a special occasion. Gone. They were wrapped in Saran, in a tupperware, in a plastic bag, but the dog got through all of that and ATE MY SPECIAL BROWNIES. Of course I felt really bad that my stuff had made the dog sick, and I’m really glad that he’s totally fine now, but there were regular brownies sitting out on the table. But no, Buddy wanted a trip. And he sure got one. So not only did I not get to eat my very expensive, very potent brownies, but no one got to enjoy them! At the end of the night, there was one really freaked out dog and lots of vomit and piss. Bummer.

Now however, that is behind me, and I am in Český Krumlov. Talk about gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of Helen, GA, which is scary because this is the real thing. There’s a castle, a big church, the winding Vltava River, and tiny stores on the cobblestone streets. I am the only guest of the Merlin Hostel, and the bed I picked for myself is right against the heater and under the window, so I get to look out and watch this little fairytale town that is glittering with powdery snow and listen to the churchbells. It really is spectacular, and for $12 a night! But actually, I am going back to Prague tomorrow afternoon. I just wanted to give Izzy and her boyfriend Czech Robert (think real hard before you ask why I call him that) some space in that tiny apartment before I settle down for another 4 or 5 days of sleeping in their kitchen and potentially poisoning their dog.

Also I should say to make my parents feel better that pot for personal use is legal in Czech Republic (and I think feeding it to dogs counts as personal use). No laws broken!


Five days in Prague 29 January 2009

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I’ve been staying with my friend Izzy, but she’s also had 3 other people staying in this tiny 2-room apartment. One of the girls, Katey Sleeveless, is a great musician, so she played a couple times while she was here. This morning she and her best bud Nikki hitchhiked to Dresden. Photos of this are all posted on Flickr!

So I haven’t done much sightseeing around Prague, but today we went to the old castle and walked around. Tomorrow we are planning on doing the Mucha Museum, and also I want to buy a couple things before I leave. I’ve already been to Wencenslas Square and I’ve seen the astronomical clock, which was pretty neat.

Izzy has a week off of school starting on 26 March, the day before my birthday. We decided we are going to go to Nice and then head west along the French coast. Anyone who will be around the Riviera at that time is welcome to join the festivities.


girl time with izzy 27 January 2009

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When I got to wordpress.com and see that they have published over 42,000,000 words just today it makes me reluctant to add any of my own.

I am in Prague now at Izzy’s house. I got here on Saturday at 5 AM after 15 hours on a bus. I’ve taken 2 baths since I got here, which is really super. The first day I was here I finally bought new pants (which were a little expensive and not as sturdy as jeans, but I love them) and Izzy gave me some grey eyeliner which I am very attached to, as something that makes me feel like a girl. The other night we brought home a Spanish man for a cup of coffee who didn’t speak any English, but was still able to tell me that I look like Velma from Scooby Doo. No one had told me that in about 2 years…

Of course I travel with an extra pair of glasses, but while trying to straighten them I snapped them in half. That pair was about 4 years old, so no big loss, but now I only have my teal frames, and if something happens to those then I’m screwed. So I think that I am going to go ahead and get new glasses in Prague, where I have a friend to advise me on the perfect frames. It’s going to cost about $200 I think, which is about the same as in the states, but that kinda sucks.

The other night I got a nice big steak wrapped in bacon and it cost about $10, which is quite the bargain. It was yummy, and I’m really enjoying the hearty Czech food. And fries everywhere! Possibly my favorite food besides mussels, and they usually come together anyway. Also I eat Kinder milk chocolate like it’s nobody’s business since Mare gave me one in France last week.

I’m having a great time hanging out with my friend, drinking coke and watching the Daily Show on iTunes. Also it’s legal to have pot here for “personal use,” which I didn’t know about. Yesterday we went for Thai massages, which lasted for 1 hour and cost about $40. I’m not worrying too much about my budget because I’m having a great time, and that’s more important to me. I’m not sure where to go next; I want to spend about 10-14 days around the Czech area before heading back to France. So that’s the news as I see it. Pictures to come soon.


On the road 18 December 2008

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Alright, blog is started as per everyone’s request.

Leaving for Amsterdam in 11 days, and I’ve been away from New Orleans since the 14th, but I still don’t feel like I’m really going anywhere. This is just like any other road trip, right?

I had decided to leave my computer at my mom’s house, but I keep having second thoughts. But maybe that’s just another reason why I should leave it behind.